September 2018- Fall is near!

By all these lovely tokens

September is a great month to get OUTSIDE.

Beat the end of Summer blues!

Summer is a carefree time when we take advantage of the sunshine and warm weather by taking vacation time, hitting the beach or the pool, or having a barbecue. As Summer is essentially ending and school is back in session for some, we may have a tendency to lose that carefree feeling and yearn for those relaxed Summer evenings. But as the quote above mentions, we’ve got Summer’s best of weather in September! Combine the slightly lower temperature with the beginnings of that crisp Fall air and you’ve got a combination that can’t be beat! Exercising outdoors has loads of benefits including:

  1. Improved mood– sun exposure enhances Vitamin D production
  2. Lower stress levels– spending time in nature helps us feel more relaxed
  3. Low or no cost– no need for a gym membership
  4. Fresh air– the air outside tends to be cleaner than indoor air
  5. Changing scenery– keeps you from getting bored
  6. Variety of terrain– exercising on different surfaces challenges your body more

No experience necessary, so lace up those sneakers or hiking boots and GET OUT THERE!


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