January 2019- How to start the year off right!

January is a great month to set a goal.

Baby steps are the way to go when it comes to achieving your goals!

Ahhhhhh New Year’s resolutions….those things we love to hate. This will be the year we lose that weight, quit smoking, stop drinking, and basically lose any other bad habits that that have been plaguing us. We start the year off so motivated, determined that this year will be different. Then, after a few weeks or maybe even a few days, we slowly start to slide back into our old habits. Eventually we just give up and feel like a failure.

 Well I’m here to tell you to give up on the quest for perfection! I want you to be happier and healthier, and so-called perfection doesn’t guarantee either of those. Instead of focusing on eliminating certain habits, think in terms of baby steps. The goal here is improvement, NOT perfection. Ready to get started?

Goal Setting 101

1. Set your goal- Pick something realistic that matters to you, such as losing 10 lbs, improving or starting a relationship, getting 8 hours of sleep each night, etc.

2. Set a date by which you’d like to complete your goal.

3. Think of several actions or habits that would help you achieve your goal- eating a veggie with each meal, looking up singles events in your area online, starting a relaxing routine 30 minutes before bedtime, etc.

4. Determine how often you would like to practice each step and put reminders into your calendar to keep you on top of them. 

5. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment each time you check off an action or habit! You are getting closer to achieving your goal!


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