April 2019- The dreaded F word

April is a great month to get friendly with fat.

Don’t judge a food by its fat grams!

FAT. It’s gotten a bad rap for a long time. Remember the days when everything was fat free?  Well that’s when everything was also loaded with sugar!  Something had to make up for the lack of flavor. Thankfully,  people are learning that it’s not actually fat itself that is bad, but the type of fat. 

Good healthy fats, particularly monounsaturated fats, serve an important purpose to our bodies. Our brains are actually made up of 60 percent fat! When you follow a low-fat diet, you’re depriving your brain of an important fuel source. Plus, fat helps to keep us satiated so we don’t get hungry as often!

 Fear the F word no longer! Just choose the right fats…


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