July 2019- Detox yo self!

July is a great month to detox your body.

See how you could benefit from a detox!

Do you eat clean? Do you even know what that means?

Organic fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes, lean protein, healthy fats…..Yes! These are part of a clean diet, but even if this is the way you typically eat, your body can still be overrun with toxins. 

The average newborn baby has nearly 300 known toxins in their umbilical cord blood! That’s crazy!

So why does this happen? There are toxins just about everywhere you look…

  • the water you drink
  • the air you breathe
  • the beauty products you apply
  • the household cleaning products you use

What can you do about this? Well, there’s no way to avoid toxins 100%, but you can drastically cut down on the amount that come into your life.

  • filter your water (drinking water & shower water)
  • use an air purifier
  • use natural beauty products
  • use natural cleaning products (or make your own!)

Interested in detoxing? I can help!

Schedule a complimentary health consultation with me by clicking here.

Sign up for my Super Summer Boost! This 30-day email series is a great introduction to cultivating healthy habits into your life.

Ask me about the 30 Days to Healthy Living! This amazing detox program is available through Arbonne. You can check out my site here for more info. 


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