August 2019- Zzzzzzzzzz

August is a great month to check in with your energy.

What’s making you tired?

Are you tired of feeling tired? If so, you’re not alone! Low energy is one of the biggest health complaints among Americans today.

Why are we feeling so sluggish? A lot of it can be blamed on our modern lifestyle…

  • Electricity/electronics– we’re inundated with light all day and night, which throws off our natural cycle off sleeping and waking with the sun
  • 24/7 fast paced living– we can shop around the clock, people can contact us at all hours, there’s never a break!
  • Poor sleep quality– our bedrooms tend not to be conducive to deep sleep due to televisions, cell phones, or other devices
  • Social media– the whole compare and despair cycle has us feeling like we’re not doing enough, earning enough, or owning enough
  • Stress– feeling like you need to constantly go, go, go to keep up can be exhausting

What can you do about this? Well, if you believe you may have a sleep disorder, check with your doctor. However, most of the causes of fatigue can be treated with lifestyle changes:

  • Detox from your devices- give yourself some time away from screens (even just an hour a day)
  • Shut down devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime
  • Limit how often you use social media- If you’re using it and you find your mood starting to tank, get off it and do something else! (Preferably something that involves moving your body)
  • Relax– give yourself down time regularly to rest and rejuvenate (take a nap, enjoy a hot bath, get a massage, meditate, do gentle yoga)
  • Get to bed on time– try to give yourself at least 7 hours to sleep (if you have trouble sleeping, try taking melatonin or using lavender oil to help you wind down)

Are you tired of feeling tired? I can help!

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