June 2020- When it Feels Like Nothing is Going Right…

Does it seem like no matter what you do, things just aren’t going your way?

If you’re starting to feel like maybe that 7 years of bad luck for breaking a mirror as a child was actually 70 years…

You could use an energy shift! When you’re stuck in a rut, because things are just not happening the way you’d like or you’ve had a lot of stressful events occur recently, it can feel like there’s no way out. You may want to wallow in your misery and it’s okay to do that—but just for a little while! Then, it’s time to shift your energy and get up out of that funk. 

I know there’s a lot going on for everyone. We all have things happening in our personal and professional lives that can push us over the edge, not to mention all of the anger and sorrow out in the rest of the world. One thing I’ve learned is you CAN NOT take responsibility for the happiness of another person. You CAN take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. The choices you make create a ripple effect that can impact others, so hopefully you’ll choose to spread love and kindness.

When you’re suffering, it’s really difficult to see anything other than the negative. Unfortunately, that can keep you trapped in a continuous cycle of negativity. This is where the importance of an energy shift comes in. The goal is to break the pattern of negative thoughts and feelings.

How can you do that?

  • Try some box breathing. When we’re stressed, we tend to restrict our breathing. This exercise will help slow down and deepen your breath, which will help you feel calmer.
    • Inhale to a count of 4.
    • Hold the breath for a count of 4.
    • Exhale to a count of 4.
    • Pause for a count of 4.
    • Repeat 3 times. 
  • Say STOP, either out loud or in your head. When you notice yourself thinking some negative, do this then consciously choose a better thought. Disrupting the negative thought pattern can help keep it from snowballing into a massive funk.
  • Try creative visualization. This is kind of like daydreaming, but more intentional.
    • You want to envision something you desire- it could be a situation, a relationship, a vacation, a physical object- anything that would make you feel good. 
    • The power of creative visualization really comes from making your vision as vivid as possible. Use as many of your senses as you can and actually feel the feeling of being in that situation you desire. It doesn’t matter how you got there. Don’t worry about the logistics. Just focus on the FEELING. That will make for the most powerful energy shift.

When you take good care of yourself and your energy, you can become your best self and spread all that much needed love and positive vibes out into the world. Just remember to nurture yourself and give yourself time to recharge before you get burned out. Once you start feeling drained and irritable, you’re already overdue for some TLC. Give yourself permission for some R&R—–it’s not selfish to take care of yourself and you absolutely deserve it.

Sending lots of love and peace!

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