2020 Trends in Christmas Tree Trimming

If you celebrate Christmas, you probably have boxes of decorations stashed away, some filled with goodies for your annual tree trimming festivities. Most likely, you have some ornaments that have been in your family for years, a nostalgic reminder of holidays past. You may dutifully dig them out of their plastic tote, dust them off, and place them on your Christmas tree each year, making sure that Mom or Grandma notice during their visit that you have faithfully kept up the tradition. 

But have you ever been watching one of those heartwarming Christmas movies, perhaps on the Hallmark Channel, and observed the mandatory tree trimming scene only to pine for that so-artfully-decorated Christmas tree? Heck, even their hand-me-down ornaments seem to go perfectly with their other ornaments! Maybe it’s time to shake up your tree trimming tradition.

Check out some of the trends this year for decorating your Balsam fir for the holidays.


One predicted trend this year is flocking, which is the term given to the appearance of snow on the tree branches. You’ve probably seen this on wreaths and garlands as well. If you’d like to “let it snow” on your decor for the holidays, take a look at this flocking tutorial

Masked Ornaments

If you’re like me, you may choose to pick up a new Christmas tree ornament each year as a way to commemorate that year or a special memory of a vacation spot where you selected the ornaments. What better way to commemorate the holidays of 2020 than with a gingerbread man ornament with his own little face mask!

Customizable Lights

This trend kicks the pre-lit tree game up a notch. If you’ve ever owned a pre-lit Christmas tree, you know how much easier it can make the whole tree trimming process. You’ll love the variety of options you’ll get with a tree with customizable lights.

The lights are controlled remotely by Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and can change color, brightness, and effects at the touch of a button or click of an app. And you’re not limited to just a pre-lit tree; the lights also come in strings to adorn any tree you choose for the holidays.

To learn more or to find out where to purchase these spectacular lights, check out the Twinkly site and light up your holidays in a special way!

Nordic Style

If you’re more of a minimalist, you’ll really enjoy this last one. The Nordic-style Christmas tree uses fewer ornaments and a simple color scheme. Simplicity rules on the Nordic-style tree, so select one or two colors for your ornaments and space them apart on your tree. For some inspiration, check out the examples here.

You’ll notice that many of them simply use white lights and ornaments. This may put a damper on your tree trimming party since there’s not a whole lot of work to do, but you could always spend more time baking cookies and making spiked hot chocolate … not a bad way to spend the holidays!

Whatever style you choose to trim your Christmas tree this year, what matters most is that you have fun with it. Your tree doesn’t have to look like something out of a magazine. It’s great to get inspired by ideas you see online but perfection is not the goal.

Keep the journey in mind. Put on some of your favorite holiday tunes, make a festive hot beverage, and savor the experience!


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