Balance Out Your Bubbly with Clementines

Add more of this citrus fruit to your diet to help combat the brain-harming effects of the occasional (or not so occasional) cocktail

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While they are cute and easy to peel, making them a great lunch box snack, clementines are not just for kids. These sweet little fruits can be just what you need to help protect your brain from the adverse effects of alcohol.  

How Much Alcohol Is Safe to Drink?

In a study at the University of Oxford, researchers found that no amount of alcohol is safe when it comes to your brain health.

Why? Alcohol depletes your body of certain nutrients, especially B vitamins, that are essential for a healthy brain.

Do you have to give up your celebratory cocktail this holiday season? Not necessarily. While even moderate drinking can impact your brain, you can help minimize the damage by making some dietary changes.

Replace B Vitamins Depleted by Alcohol

To help counteract vitamin B depletion from alcohol, consume more vitamin B-rich foods, especially if you plan on indulging in a bit of holiday cheer.

And when it comes to B vitamins, clementines are a sure winner. These compact citrus fruits contain six of the eight B-complex vitamins to help replace those lost from alcohol consumption, as well as potassium to help support electrolyte balance.

Give Your Holiday Cocktails a Vitamin B Boost with Clementines

October through January is the peak season for clementines, making them the perfect ingredient for your Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas party, or New Year’s Eve bash. Why not try fresh-squeezed clementine juice in your festive cocktails this holiday season?

Check out these clementine cocktails for a little citrus inspiration to help replenish those B vitamins:

Clementine French 75 from COOKIE + kate

Clementine Mojito from Champagne and Coconuts

Clementine Rickey from So Happy You Liked It

Holiday Clementine Cranberry Cocktail from The Olive Blogger

Clementine Campari Spritz from Always Use Butter

If you can’t find clementines in your local market, you can still reap the brain-boosting benefits of B vitamins from oranges. You can easily substitute oranges for the clementines in the above cocktail recipes. Cheers!

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