May 2019- You’re sweet enough already!

May is a great month to be mindful of food and your mood.

Is sugar making you crabby?

Whether or not you’ve got a sweet tooth, you may be taking in a lot of sugar on a daily basis. Other than the obvious places like desserts, there can also be loads of sugar in beverages and condiments. The best thing you can do to keep your sugar intake at a reasonable level is to pay attention to nutrition labels. A good guideline is no more than 5 grams of sugar per serving.

Take note of your mood after eating a sugary food. Once the sugar high wears off, how do you feel? Tired, irritable, unmotivated? You may notice a connection between your sugar intake and your mood. Try cutting down on sugar and see if that helps stabilize your mood.

 Knowledge is power—Know where sugar may be hiding in your food…

April 2019- The dreaded F word

April is a great month to get friendly with fat.

Don’t judge a food by its fat grams!

FAT. It’s gotten a bad rap for a long time. Remember the days when everything was fat free?  Well that’s when everything was also loaded with sugar!  Something had to make up for the lack of flavor. Thankfully,  people are learning that it’s not actually fat itself that is bad, but the type of fat. 

Good healthy fats, particularly monounsaturated fats, serve an important purpose to our bodies. Our brains are actually made up of 60 percent fat! When you follow a low-fat diet, you’re depriving your brain of an important fuel source. Plus, fat helps to keep us satiated so we don’t get hungry as often!

 Fear the F word no longer! Just choose the right fats…

March 2019- Give your life a spring cleaning!

March is a great month to Declutter.

Take a look at what really matters in your life and shed the rest!

Spring is nearly here and that means it’s time for Spring cleaning! We usually think about cleaning in regards to our home, but it’s also important to declutter our mind and our heart.

Is there something you’re holding onto that no longer serves you? As hard as it may be to let go, holding a grudge only hurts you. Forgiving someone for doing you wrong doesn’t condone their behavior; it’s freeing you of that burden and allowing you to move on.

 Do it for yourself! Remember that you deserve to live your life with ease and peace.

On that note, let’s take a look at how physical clutter affects us…

February 2019- Want to bring more love into your life?

February is a great month to show some love.

Love your significant other, love your family, love your friends, but most of all…love YOURSELF!

Some of us may have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day.  We criticize it for being too commercial, too inauthentic, too alienating of single people, etc. But…

 It doesn’t have to be! Let’s change our mindset a bit and consider it to simply be a reminder to show some love. Too often we take for granted the good people we already have in our lives, including ourselves. Don’t feel obligated to make a big, expensive show of things, but do take the time and put some thought into showing someone you care.

January 2019- How to start the year off right!

January is a great month to set a goal.

Baby steps are the way to go when it comes to achieving your goals!

Ahhhhhh New Year’s resolutions….those things we love to hate. This will be the year we lose that weight, quit smoking, stop drinking, and basically lose any other bad habits that that have been plaguing us. We start the year off so motivated, determined that this year will be different. Then, after a few weeks or maybe even a few days, we slowly start to slide back into our old habits. Eventually we just give up and feel like a failure.

 Well I’m here to tell you to give up on the quest for perfection! I want you to be happier and healthier, and so-called perfection doesn’t guarantee either of those. Instead of focusing on eliminating certain habits, think in terms of baby steps. The goal here is improvement, NOT perfection. Ready to get started?

Goal Setting 101

1. Set your goal- Pick something realistic that matters to you, such as losing 10 lbs, improving or starting a relationship, getting 8 hours of sleep each night, etc.

2. Set a date by which you’d like to complete your goal.

3. Think of several actions or habits that would help you achieve your goal- eating a veggie with each meal, looking up singles events in your area online, starting a relaxing routine 30 minutes before bedtime, etc.

4. Determine how often you would like to practice each step and put reminders into your calendar to keep you on top of them. 

5. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment each time you check off an action or habit! You are getting closer to achieving your goal!