June 2020- When it Feels Like Nothing is Going Right…

Does it seem like no matter what you do, things just aren’t going your way? If you’re starting to feel like maybe that 7 years of bad luck for breaking a mirror as a child was actually 70 years… You could use an energy shift! When you’re stuck in a rut, because things are justContinue reading “June 2020- When it Feels Like Nothing is Going Right…”

April 2020- Are You Freaking Out?

Are you suffering from COVID-19 related anxiety? Here’s how to relax. Worry can be a useful tool—IF it’s productive. That means that your worry spurs you into action. Now that doesn’t mean to run out and buy up all the toilet paper you can find. By all means, get the supplies you’ll need for aContinue reading “April 2020- Are You Freaking Out?”